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Amdanom ni

Welsh language version coming soon...

There is a long history of rowing on the Menai Strait. The original Beaumaris Rowing Club was founded in 1873 and a regatta notice from 1830 offered races for "six-oar boats" and "four-oar boats".

In 2013 a group of dedicated local people supported by the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club formed the new Beaumaris Rowing Club with a single Celtic longboat.  The club has gone from strength to strength ever since and now has a fleet of 5 Celtics and two coastal sculls.

​We row all year round from our base in Beaumaris. We also have trips further afield around the coast of Anglesey and North Wales, as well as to other destinations including the Lake District and even London to compete in the Great River Race along the Thames.

The club participates in Welsh Sea Rowing (WSR) league races and open events held at various clubs around the north and mid-wales coast.  We also stage a WSR league race in Beaumaris as well as the iconic race around Puffin Island.

Off the water there is a very active social scene with a great variety of events held throughout the year.

Our Boats

Since starting with a single Celtic longboat the club has grown considerably and now has a fleet of 5 Celtic longboats and two coastal sculls.

Celtic Longboats

These rugged coastal rowing boats have a crew of four rowers plus a cox, with fixed seats and a single oar for each crew member.  You can read about the history of their development on the Welsh Sea Rowing website. All Celtic longboats are made by Dale Sailing in Neyland, South Wales.

  • Length - 24' 6" / 7.5m

  • Beam - 4' 11" / 1.5m

  • Weight - 137 kg


Our Celtic longboats are 'Mabli', 'Menai', 'Seiriol', 'Cybi' and 'Siwan'.

LiteBoat LiteRace 2x Double Scull

A two person, coxless coastal scull with sliding seats and two oars per rower.  You can find more details on the LiteBoat website.

  • Length - 7.5m

  • Beam - 1m

  • Weight - 60 kg

Swift Racing Coastal 'Elite Plus' 4x(+) Coxed Quad Scull

A coxed coastal quad scull with sliding seats and 4 rowers, each with two oars, plus a cox. You can read more about this exciting coastal rowing boat on the Swift Racing website.

  • Length - 10.7m

  • Beam - 0.7m (waterline)

  • Weight - 130 kg

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