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Marine Matters/Materion Morol

Croes i'n Blog/Welcome to Our Blog!

As a rowing club we are passionate about what's around us on the Menai Strait. Over the years we have take steps to raise our own awareness of marine matters, conservation and sustainability. The blog hopes to carry this further as a platform to help us all in the essential task of marine guardianship.

Carol (Hughes) and Sarah (Kendal) will hope to post something weekly. If you have anything you think members would be interested in, some local and maybe not so local events, issues associated with the marine life around us please email me:


A Launching Party : Come for a Row.

The Wildlife Trust National Marine Week

(23rd July-7th August)

An Outing To Aber Menai.

Bring a picnic, take photos of the marine life, record what we see - all in support of the work of the Wildlife Trust.

Two prizes on offer: best photo and most species recorded.

Photos posted on the Blog gallery.

For full listings of the National Marine Week's activities go to:

Local event:


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