The Committee

The Club is run by its members, and has a formal management committee that fulfils the Club’s constitutional obligations and carries out the wishes of its members.

There are also a number of roles and tasks undertaken by members with different skills.

So please, if you are interested in helping the club, let us know and we’ll match your skills to a task!

The Coaching Team

There is a long history of competitive rowing on the Menai Strait. A Strait Regatta poster for 1830 offers races for six-oar boats and four-oar gigs. The Beaumaris Rowing Club was founded as early as 1873 and a copy of the Club’s 1876 rulebook is preserved in the Anglesey County Archive. This racing tradition continues in the current Rowing Club.

To support this activity, the Club offers ‘race training’ opportunities. This can include rowing outings to build up stamina through longer continuous rows and develop racing skills such as race starts and buoy turns. The club aims to offer race training for the experienced rower and race training for beginners.

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Safety and Risk
Launch Officers

The club takes very seriously its responsibilities and duties towards the safety of its members. To this end there is a dedicated Health and Safety Officer who helps develop the clubs policy and assists with ongoing risk assessment evaluation. In addition the Club offers training events for members which have included:

man over board drill

the proficient use of VHS radio

RNLI Life-Jacket Workshop. 

Are tasked with the duty of assessing rowing conditions and if suitable arranging a rowing session and planning the course. In addition, the Club seeks to enable all members to become active coxes and encourages everyone to take part in the certificated on-line WSRA cox training (for free!).