Five Miles From Home   
20th - 24th of April 2022

Welsh Sea Rowing invite clubs in Wales to join in this international event. They say,

'Rather than asking you to travel, we invite you -wherever in the world you may be- to take part in this international challenge by joining us from your home waters. Taking part is simple! Just form a crew, plot a course, cover the 5 miles (8047meters / 4.345nm) as fast or as stylishly as you can during the designated time windows, submit your times to us and join the online hooley.'

Rough, tough and rowing.

The women's team get a stunning time in challenging conditions.

 "Accepting no records would be broken we were game for wet and wild fun instead, and that's what we got. With wind and tide with us we surfed the white horses on the first leg, but the battle home was to come, against a 17knt wind and flood tide. Soaking wet but big smiles all around."

The vet men's team fly home
Menai Marauders:
the super vets make the right moves.
Smashing the tide and time, they wait for no-one!
Disapointment for some teams as weather conditions worsened